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Using the

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The (i) button brings up the help screen.

When you first run the program you should leave the previous glucose blank.  Only enter the current glucose so the program can give you and initial bolus and infusion rate.

If the patient has IDDM or NIDDM turn on the Diabetic Mode switch.

Choose which protocol you wish to implement (80-120, 100-150, 125-175, 150-200)

The recommendation will appear adjacent to the Bolus and Rate fields.

When you run subsequent values, enter the last glucose in the previous glucose text box; enter the most recent value in the current glucose text box. Set the rate dial to the current infusion rate.

If the program recommends that you turn off the infusion the numeric value will have a light gray appearance instead of being black.  Make sure you leave the rate dial set to this value even though the infusion is off.  When the program recommends that you restart the infusion at 50% or the last rate it will use the value set on the rate dial.

You can restart the protocol by leaving the previous glucose text box blank and calculating the dosing.

The program only looks back at the last glucose value, unlike the protocol which has some conditions requiring one to know the last three glucose values.  If the glucose is greater than 300 you will have to use your clinical experience to determine the proper dosing. 

Disclaimer: This calculator is for educational and informational purposes, and is not provided as a professional service, or as medical advice.  The user assumes all responsibility for use of this information, and Crystal Clear Solutions is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from the use of this information.  The proper treatment with insulin for glucose measurements is up to the discretion of the health care provider.  Seek medical advice for the treatment of any health condition.


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