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Our HIPAA compliance update for your electronic billing needs is ready for downloading.  Click on the following tab to download the latest HIPAA update - install.exe (updated on 1/22/09 v2.4d) Run/open the program and follow all prompts.  Enter the password when asked.

You will need to change your specialty code to the HIPAA compliant taxonomy code.  
You can download a copy of the newest Taxonomy codes which you will need with your HIPAA electronic billing software. Click here to download the taxonomy/specialty codes for Microsoft Word - taxonomy codes .

Please download and review this document.  Go to Setup, Customize, Provider in your House Officer program and change the specialty code the your specific taxonomy code.

Please make sure that you fix all errors before sending your claim file.  HIPAA is very strict and our software checks for many of the common reasons your claim would be rejected.

Some Medicare carriers require a Facility ID code if you use PlaceOfService codes of 21 or 22.  Check with your Medicare carrier for specifics.   If needed, go to Setup, Customize, Facility and enter the code in the FacilityID/Certification field.

Please call (732) 625-3084 for help with your new HIPAA module.  The program is password protected and is selling for $600.  First-time users need to pay a one-time registration/testing fee of $150.

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